How is it your fault!!!

Nobody cares for anybody,

Nobody cares for a friends life,

Noboday cares for how would the parents provide me stuffs,

Nobody cares if the people around them are sad,

Nobody cares for children,

Nobody cares for society,

Nobody cares for environment,

Nobody cares for morals,

Nobody cares for peoples feeling,

I cared…… how is that your fault!!!!

I am not sad because you failed to understand me but because

I failed to understand that you didn’t care

I regret not because i helped you through your bad days

I regret as you left me through my bad days

I am happy not cause there’s so much in my life,

I am happy cause i can still see you happy,

you cared for yourself

I too cared for you…how is that your fault!!!

One day i met you

I envied you

i wanted your happiness

I worked for your happiness

You still became sad

I wanted to see you, not seeing you made me sad

I wanted to be with you,You didn’t want to be with me

Not being with you made me sad…how is it your fault!!!My first poem that i remember

By noboday i mean most!!!