Radius 200 by Smt. Veena Nagpal

A fiction book raising practical problems A hope in the time of worst things humanly possible...That's what this book give you!!! A hope to survive even an nuclear attack. Humans have always feared Nuclear attack and as much as the writer...Veena Nagpal presents the scenario leading to Nuclear attack her imagination also gives us a... Continue Reading →


When I saw you

When I saw you I wanted you to see me, When I saw you I wanted you to see the glitter in my eyes and feel my heart that was racing for you, When I saw you I wanted you to see my eyes pondering over you... Your eyes which pulled me inside, Eyes which... Continue Reading →

Good Will Hunting

We all are lonely these days...not because there's nobody for us but because we are not there for anybody. We all want somebody to care for us more than anything in the world but we fail to care for somebody more than anything in the world.We work hard to make our self independent not because... Continue Reading →

How is it your fault!!!

Nobody cares for anybody, I cared...... how is that your fault!!!! I am not sad because you failed to understand me but because I failed to understand that you didn't care I regret not because I helped you through your bad days I regret as you left me through my bad days I am happy... Continue Reading →

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